Christian Contributions to International Standards & Guidelines (IS&Gs)

Christian Contributions to International Standards & Guidelines (IS&Gs)

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BPGHM Note: As documented by the following, the Biblically-based work of Christian missionaries was the very foundation of the WHO’s approach to primary care with its health promotion and prevention, and community health and development.

International Standards & Practice Guidelines (IS&Gs)

  1. Building from Common Foundations: The World Health Organization and Faith-Based Organizations in Primary Healthcare
  2. WHO Primary Health Care topics
  3. Declaration of Alma-Ata
  4. Primary Health Care (Now more than ever)–The World Health Report 2008
  5. The Bulletin Series: Primary Health Care 30 Years On
  6. Bulletin of the World Health Organization: Retrospective comparative evaluation of the lasting impact of a community-based primary health care programme on under-5 mortality in villages around Jamkhed, India
    See Primary care “A. …Jamkhed Website” for further information.
  7. Health by the People 1975

Missions Specific Best Practices Documents

(Demonstrate Compliance with International Standards & Guidelines)

A. Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH)
The Christian Community’s Contribution to the Evolution of Community-Based Primary Health Care | 2008 | This document evolved from a plenary session at the 2008 CCIH Annual Conference in which Dr. Carl Taylor and Dr. John “Jack” Bryant, two veterans of the early Christian experience and the 1978 Alma Ata conference of WHO/UNICEF, shared information about the early years in community health. The power point presentations of Dr. Bryant and Dr. Taylor may also be downloaded.

B. Christian Journal for Global Health (CJGH)
Faith and Health: Past and Present of Relations Between Faith Communities and the World Health Organization
Working together for global health goals: The United States Agency for International Development and Faith-based organizations

C. Contact
1) The CMC Story 1968-1998 (Contact No 161/162 Jun-Jul & Aug-Sep 1998)
Introduction / A Quest for Health / A Christian Medical Commission  p1-18
In Search of Wholeness  p19-31
Brave New World?  p32-56
2) Health in a Search for Wholeness Contact No 119 Apr 1991
3) Contact Special Series Number 5, October 2018: Primary Health Care Revisited

D. German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM) Tübingen
Christian Responses to Health and Development

E. Practical Matters
Checking Vitals-The Theological (Im)Pulse of Christian Leadership in Global Health

F. The Quest for Health and Wholeness James C McGilvray 1981 (The Christian Medical Commission’s [CMC] first Director). Includes CMC background and the Tübingen I and II Consultations.

G. For Christian Missionary Founders of Modern Nutrition and their work with the WHO See Nutrition

H. For Christian Missionary contributions to Community Health International Standards and Guidelines see Community Health 

A. The American Journal of Public Health
The Christian Medical Commission and the Development of the World Health Organization’s Primary Health Care Approach
The Origins of Primary Health Care and Selective Primary Health Care

B. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Carl E. Taylor 1916-2010 (Missionary member of Christian Medical Commission and coauthor Alma Ata) See also: Community health / Primary care

C. The Lancet Global Health Series See especially:

D. The Barefoot Guide Connection
The Barefoot Guide 3: Mobilizing Religious Health Assets for Transformation Secular publication (Also included in Tübingen III) documents clergy and missionary contributions to WHO IS&Gs, Public health (Identification of cause of cholera), Eradication of smallpox, etc.