Community health

Community Health

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International Standards & Practice Guidelines (IS&Gs)

  1. Management of Community Health Services
  2. Family, Women’s and Children’s Health (FWC)
  3. Child health in the Community – “Community IMCI”
  4. Bulletin of the World Health Organization: Retrospective comparative evaluation of the lasting impact of a community-based primary health care programme on under-5 mortality in villages around Jamkhed, India
    See Primary care “A. …Jamkhed Website” for further information.
  5. Community-based health workers (CHWs)
    WHO guideline on health policy and system support to optimize community health worker programmes 2018
    WHO guideline on health policy and system support to optimize community health worker programmes – Selected highlights 2018
    Global Experience of Community Health Workers for Delivery of Health Related Millennium Development Goals: A Systematic Review, Country Case Studies, and Recommendations for Integration into National Health Systems 2010
  6. School and youth health
  7. Integrated chronic disease prevention and control
    Community-based programmes
  8. Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health
  9. WHO-Promoting Mental Health-Chapter 18 • Community Development as a Strategy for Promoting Mental Health: Lessons from Rural India (p243)
  10. Frequently Asked Questions about Community-Based Initiatives (2003)
  11. Health by the People 1975

Missions Specific Best Practices Documents

(Demonstrate Compliance with International Standards & Guidelines)

A. Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) Resources See Especially:
Community Health

B. Christian Journal for Global Health (CJGH)
Indian Catholic Church’s response to the elderly with neurodegenerative and mental illnesses
Community Health Global Network: “Clustering” Together to In-crease the Impact of Community Led Health and Development
A Study of Volunteer Community Health Workers Promoting Maternal Health Services in Rural Kenya: A Christian Viewpoint
Community Health Global Network and sustainable development 
Effectiveness of Community Health Worker Delivered Interventions on Non-communicable Disease Risk and Health Outcomes in India: A Systematic Review
Setting Up Community Health Programmes in Low and Middle Income Countries, Fourth Edition, by Ted Lankester and Nathan Grills, Oxford University Press, May 2019
A Descriptive Study of Community Health Evangelism as a Model for Integral Mission

C. Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation website
Transforming People and Place Urban CHE (Community Health Evangelism)

D. Contact Publication of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and former Christian Medical Commission (CMC). Includes numerous articles demonstrating FBO work in the establishment as well as promotion of IS&Gs.
Community-determined health care: The experience of rural Cameroon(Cameroon Baptist Convention Life Abundant Program—The Bottom-Up Approach to Health and Healing 1998)
Health in the North: Learning from the South

E. Crossnetwork Journal (Discontinued precursor to CJGH)
Community Healthcare Missions in a Muslim Context
BPGHM Note: CDE (Community Development Education) is also known as CHE (Community Health Education and/or Evangelism) See also Global CHE Network

F. Food For The Hungry website   See Care Groups Info (CORE Group, Food for the Hungry and World Relief).  Care Group Journal Articles include:
Reducing child global undernutrition at scale in Sofala Province, Mozambique, using Care Group Volunteers to communicate health messages to mothers
Examining the evidence of under-five mortality reduction in a community-based programme in Gaza, Mozambique
—See also USAID  Care Group Results (Midterm and Final) Reports

G. Global CHE (Community Health Evangelism) Network website
Multiplying Light and Truth Through Community Health Evangelism(CHE)-3rd Ed
——Chapter 1 Community Health Evangelism Background
——Further information is available at at Multiplying Light and Truth Through CHE-3rd Ed
Global CHE Network Videos See especially:
——Stories of Transformation 2015
——Community Development Training (CDT)-Principles of CHE 2016

H. Journal of Christian Nursing
Healthcare Missions: Mobilizing Communities for Health–No references to IS&Gs but appears to demonstrate compliance.

I. Medical Ambassadors International website
——CHE Core Values
——CHE Overview
——Urban CHE Overview
——The Ten Seed Technique Explained
Videos See especially:
——What is MAI
——MAI Transformation Overview of CHE Principles
——CHE How It Works

J. William Carey International Development Journal
Transforming Worldviews for Effective Community Development–No references to IS&Gs but appears to demonstrate compliance.
The Church, Shalom & “The Slow Motion Disaster”

K. Tearfund Website
The Light Wheel-Tearfund Learn

L. Arukah Network
Setting up Community Health and Development Programmes in Low and Middle Income Settings 4th Edition 2019. Classic Text. This is an open access publication that is free to download at Oxford Medicine Online  Hard copies are also available: For those living in India, Nepal and Bangladesh (printed in India for a still lower price).  For those living in the United States  From Amazon

M. Additional Faith-based Organizations Providing Community Health Services include:
Enabled Health Care
Health for India
Life in Abundance-Includes info on effectiveness
——The LIA Development Model
—— Why the Local Church?

A. American Academy of Pediatrics’ Section on International Child Health (SOICH)
International Community Access To Child Health (ICATCH) Resources See especially:
Community-Based Resilience-Building

B. BioMed Central Globalization and Health Medical Education
Supporting and strengthening the role of close-to-community (CTC) providers for health system development

C. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Open public health courses and materials  See especially:
Case Studies in (Community-based)  Primary Health Care Lecture Materials (Includes several by Carl Taylor, long-term missionary and co-author of WHO’s Declaration of Alma Ata)
Carl E. Taylor 1916-2010–Just and Lasting Change: When Communities Own Their Futures (Classic text-available for purchase)

D. The Lancet-Global Health
1 million community health workers in sub-Saharan Africa by 2015 2013

E. Care Groups Info  Website
Care Groups I: An Innovative Community-Based Strategy for Improving Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health in Resource-Constrained Settings
Care Groups II: A Summary of the Child Survival Outcomes Achieved Using Volunteer Community Health Workers in Resource-Constrained Settings
Evaluation of the effectiveness of care groups in expanding population coverage of Key child survival interventions and reducing under-5 mortality: a comparative analysis using the lives saved tool (LiST)

F. National Academy of Sciences
An Integrated Framework for Assessing the Value of Community-Based Prevention
Improving Health in the Community: A Role for Performance Monitoring