Christ honoring Best Practices in Global Health Missions are continuously identified and collaboratively shared for the glory of God and the health of all nations.

To facilitate Christians involved in health ministries to identify and disseminate God-honoring, health-promoting values, beliefs and practices for their mutual benefit and the advancement of health and wholeness among all nations.

Ends (what good, for whom that will contribute to achieving our Vision):

  1. Best Practices come from a wide range of Christian Global Health practitioners with various cultural backgrounds so as to increase applicability in global healthcare settings. (the good here diversity of input which benefits all)
  2. Best Practices are made freely known to as large a constituency as possible by the most modern and useful means. (the good here is accessibility for most everyone)
  3. Best Practices are continuously updated to reflect the latest evidence-based research. (the good being achieved here is we keep things contemporary, again which benefits all)
  4. Best Practices made known are consistent with biblical truth. (the good here is to hopefully avoid mission drift by keeping the focus on consistency of product with God’s word which benefits the global Church and one could argue the world)
  5. The submission process maximizes participation by being user friendly and considers the limitations that are made necessary by culture, resources, and legal variations. (the good achieved here is making the submission process as user friendly as possible to maximize involvement which benefits mostly the end user)