Mental health

Mental health

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International Standards & Practice Guidelines (IS&Gs)

  1. Mental health programs
    Mental Health Publications
    Promoting Mental Health
  2. Mental disorders topics
  3. Depression topics
  4. Suicide topics
  5. The World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL)
    WHO QOL: Spirituality, Religiousness and Personal Beliefs

Missions Specific Best Practices Documents

(Demonstrate Compliance with International Standards & Guidelines)

A. Christian Journal for Global Health (CJGH)
Family Conflict – The major underlying influence in suicide attempts in Northern Bihar, India.

B. Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) Publications
Christian Medical Journal of India (CMJI)—Numerous articles, some contain no references to IS&Gs but appear to demonstrate compliance:
Compassionate Care Towards Mental Health
Focus-Mental Health See especially: Community based Mental Health Work  page 9

C. The Church for Whole Person Healing Website
Special Issues in Wholistic Ministries See Mental Health

D. The Lausanne Movement Mental health & trauma Numerous articles, some contain no references to IS&Gs but appear to demonstrate compliance.
See especially:
The Cape Town Declaration on Care and Counsel  as Mission

A. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Open public health courses and materials See especially: Topics: Click on “Global Health”
Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries

B. The Lancet Global Health Series See especially:
Burden, risk factors, and comorbidities of behavioural and emotional problems in Kenyan children: a population-based study 2017
Bullying 2015
Perinatal mental health 2014
Global Mental Health 2011

Updated: Mar 2017