Human rights (includes Informed consent)

Human rights

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International Standards & Practice Guidelines (IS&Gs)

  1. U.N. Inter-Agency Committee on Bioethics
  2. UNESCO-Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
  3. WHO Human rights topics
  4. WHO Global Health Ethics programs
  5. World Medical Association Declaration on Ethical Considerations Regarding Health Databases
  6. World Medical Association Declaration on the Rights of the Patient
  7.  World Medical Association Declaration of Ottawa on the Rights of the Child to Health Care
  8.  WHO Prisons topics

Missions Specific Best Practices Documents

(Demonstrate Compliance with International Standards & Guidelines)

A. Best Practices in Global Health Missions (BPGHM)
Informed Consent

B. Christian Journal for Global Health (CJGH)
Maternal and child health from a human rights perspective: the Indian scenario and nuns as community health enablers
Working Order: Health, Personal Responsibility, and Rights in an Age of Limited Agency.

C. Contact Publication of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and former Christian Medical Commission (CMC). Includes numerous articles demonstrating FBO work in the establishment as well as promotion of IS&Gs.
Human trafficking