Education, Healthcare Provider

Education, Healthcare provider

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See Resources tab for organizations and websites providing healthcare provider education.

International Standards & Practice Guidelines (IS&Gs)

  1. Education, Medical topics
  2. Health workforce topics
    Education & Training
    Global Health Workforce Network
    WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Migration of Health Personnel 2010
  3. Health workforce programs
    Transformative Education for Health Professionals
    WHO education guidelines
    Knowledge sharing
  4. Health systems Knowledge
    Knowledge management
    Effective teaching: A guide for educating healthcare providers
  5. WHO “Publications” TAB
  6. Hinari Access to Research for Health programme
  7. Library and Information Networks for Knowledge
  8. World health reports–archive
  9. International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations Policy Statements
    IFMSA Policy Statement Ethical Medical Placements Abroad 2016
    Introduction to IFMSA Exchanges
  10. World Medical Association
    WMA Statement on Ethical Considerations in Global Medical Electives 2016

Missions Specific Best Practices Documents

(Demonstrate Compliance with International Standards & Guidelines)

A. Christian Journal for Global Health (CJGH)
Health and wholeness undergraduate course in Uganda: potential public health impact and transferability
Evaluation of community health worker training course effectiveness in India
PRIME Partnerships in International Medical Education – Restoring a Christian ethos to medical education worldwide
Teaching quality improvement in Tanzania: a model of inter-professional partnership for global health development
BPGHM Note–The following contain no references to IS&Gs but appear to demonstrate compliance:
Developing cross-cultural healthcare workers: content, process and mentoring
“Exporting” medical education
Continuing medical and dental education on the global stage: The nexus of supporting international Christian healthcare workers and developing educators
Outcomes of a faculty development conference in Mongolia
Equipping healthcare professionals to care for the whole person
Impact of a pre-clinical skills course with Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) on preparedness and confidence levels of medical students in Africa
The proper college
Avoiding pitfalls in overseas medical educational experiences
Critical Thinking in Medical Education Missions

B, Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) Website
  Christian Medical Journal of India (CMJI)—Numerous articles, some contain no references to IS&Gs but appear to demonstrate compliance:
Skill Development for Health

C. MedicalMissions website
Service Learning Programs for Students and Short Term Missions

A. American Academy of Pediatrics
International Resources
Guide for Implementation of Helping Babies Breathe
AAP Abroad: 10 tips for residents considering a global health rotation

B. American Medical Association  
AMA-Journal of Ethics 2006–Several articles, some contain no references to IS&Gs but appear to demonstrate compliance.

C. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Ethics and best practice guidelines for training experiences in global health 2010

D. Annals of Global Health
Bidirectional Exchanges of Medical Students Between Institutional Partners in Global Health Clinical Education Programs: Putting Ethical Principles into Practice–No references to IS&Gs but appears to demonstrate compliance

E. Association of American Medical Colleges
Guidelines for Premedical and Medical Students Providing Patient Care  During Clinical Experiences Abroad–No references to IS&Gs but appears to demonstrate compliance 2011
Beyond Medical “Missions” to Impact-Driven Short-Term Experiences in Global Health (STEGHs): Ethical Principles to Optimize Community Benefit and Learner Experience
Reconfiguring a One-Way Street–A Position Paper on Why and How to Improve Equity in Global Physician Training 2019

F. BioMed Central Globalization and Health Medical Education
The future of global health education: training for equity in global health 2016

G. Child Family Health International
—Collaboration with Medsin-UK–Choosing an International Elective: A Roadmap for your Decision
Do you GASP? How pre-health students delivering babies in Africa is quickly becoming consequentially unacceptable

H. Forum on Education Abroad. Standards of Good Practice
Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, 5th ed. (2015)
Quality Assurance Programs

I. Global Health: Science & Practice-Dedicated to What Works In Global Health Programs. (Johns Hopkins University & USAID collaboration) Topics  Numerous excellent reports, all open access:
Health Workers

J. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health–Global Health (See also Short-term missions re ethics & STM training)
Training Methods and Continuing Education for Health Workers 2005

K. The Lancet–Global Health Series
Medical education for the 21st century 2010

L. University of Minnesota Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety The following may contain no references to IS&Gs but appears to demonstrate compliance:
Developing Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety
Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (GAPS) Toolkit

M. Wiley Online Library
Global Health Ethics for Students 2007